Are Tower Blenders Better Than Immersion Blenders?

The blender market is filled with choices. Choosing the right blender for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are faced with the myriad of blender styles. Tower blenders and immersion blenders, or hand blenders, are the two most popular blender styles available today. Although each blender has its benefits, the tower blender tends to be the more practical choice.

An immersion or hand blender is meant to be used within the same container used to serve the food. This means that a large bowl or a narrow glass can be the carafe for your immersion blender.

This sounds like a great option until you actually use the immersion blender. Because of the force required during the blending procedure, food tends to fly everywhere. Dodging the flying pieces of fruit or ice can become quite a feat while working with a hand blender.

Many times, an immersion blender will spray food or ice onto the floor and cabinet area of a kitchen, especially when you are working on a counter top.

A tower blender is a closed system. Once your food is placed into the carafe and the lid is closed, there is no way that food can wander out of the blender. This makes a tower blender much cleaner and safer to operate than a hand blender.

Exposed blades are another issue when it comes to immersion blenders. These blenders have a handle and protective covering but below the handle, the blades are definitely exposed. Once the blender is in motion, those blades are quite dangerous.

 A tower blender has blades that are exposed only when the carafe is open. Once the food is inside the container, there is absolutely no way that fingers can be placed in the way of the blades. Tower blenders are much safer to handle than immersion blenders and even children can help with blending tasks when you have a tower blender.

Tower blenders are also much more versatile than a hand blender. Although you can purée and create sauces with an immersion blender, the task is easier with a tower blender.

There is no way that an immersion blender can handle the tough work of creating a nut butter or other thick spread. Tower blenders have more horsepower and can handle heat better than an immersion blender. Crushing ice and making smoothies can also be much quicker with a tower blender than with a hand blender.

Although both types of blenders perform similar tasks, the tower blender is a hands-down winner when it comes to kitchen safety, versatility and cleanliness. Choosing the right tower blender for your kitchen is a whole other process but a tower is definitely the right choice.

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